The WORKS pkg.

(Oil and filter change, tire rotation) up to 5 qts.
  • Before tax.  You get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and pressure check, brake inspection, battery test, vehicle checkup and much more.  Price varies depending on oil required for vehicle.

Oil and Filter Change

(Semi-synthetic oil)
  • Before tax.  Quick Lane always uses premium-quality Motorcraft Synthetic Blend oil with specially designed performance additives. It helps minimize damage-causing deposits, rust and corrosion, and provides excellent wear protection.

Each additional semi-synthetic quart is:


The WORKS Full Synthetic pkg.

(Oil and filter change, tire rotation) up to 5 qt



Tire Rotation


Spin Balance and Rotate Tires


Air Filter

(Most vehicles)

Cabin Air Filter

(Most vehicles)

Front or Rear Brake Service

(Super Duty add $40.00)

3 Step Fuel Induction System Cleaning


Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

(most vehicles)

Coolant Fluid Exchange

(Starts at)

Power Steering Fluid Exchange


Diesel Oil Change Special

(Up to 15 quarts of synthetic blend oil)

Differential Fluid Exchange Service


Diesel Coolant Contamination Test


Diesel Coolant Fluid Exchange


Diesel Fuel System Service


Truck series 3/4 ton and above Front End Alignment


Motorhome Oil and Filter Change

(Up to 5 qts.)